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About Gwalior City

Every crumbling wall of the temple and monument has a story to tell. The majestic Gwalior Fort still stands tall. Each and every corner of the fort has seen the change of fate of many powerful dynasties. Gwalior is just the perfect tourist destination for those who want to get a glimpse of the era that has seen the might of Rani Laxmibai ,the Indian Joan of Arc. Great care has been taken to preserve the memories of the glorious past of this ancient city. History comes alive when one visits the palaces and the museums.

Gwalior today has a population of approx. one million. It is sorrounded by 5 industrial areas with various nationals and multinational companies such as SRF and Cadburys. Forming a part of the Heritage Tourism belt, Gwalior is a city of tourist attraction. Gwalior has the largest and the only base in India, for Mirage 2000.
As a city, Gwalior is divided into three urban sections-Gwalior the old city, Morar is the cantonment area and Lashkar is the new city. Lashkar is famous as it is lined up with bazaar, market complexes and showrooms. Shopping in Gwalior can be a rare experience as there numerous bazaars such as the Sarafa Bazaar famous for jewellery ,sarees and handicraft. There is Topi Bazaar well known for leather goods. All these Bazaars may not have a sophisticated look but still they have a charm that reminds of the bygone era.

Gwalior is a geart city steeped in history and culture and those who want to experience its glorious past should pay a vist to this place.

Rani Laxmibhai market in Gwalior

Gari Padwali - newly founded temples buired under the earth being recontructed

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